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A bit of Rachel Maia's story told in a dynamic and inspiring way. This lecture allows us to go beyond and understand another aspect of what Resilience is.


Rachel Maia's expertise guarantees to bring her vast experience, from being an intern as a girl to becoming one of the few women to reach the top of the corporate career.


The story of Rachel Maia with more details, situations she lived and lived, her achievements and her challenges. In this lecture it is possible to understand and be inspired by the phenomenon that it is.


Rachel, as the founder of the Capacity Building Project, which focuses on education and employability for people in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability, also occupies the Presidency of the UNICEF Advisory Council.  This lecture helps understand the challenges and rewards of investing in the Third Sector.


"The speech is beautiful but nothing beats the Action". - Rachel Maia

Elected one of the 40 most powerful in Brazil, Rachel, as a woman, black and of humble origin, helps to understand the needs and obstacles that a company faces on the path for Diversity and Inclusion.


In 30 years the front of major brands in the luxury market, shows with numbers and relevant data how to leverage and transform a company in face of its current scenario, responsible for the growth where he treaded his career. A great motivation for sales team, conventions or company events.

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What our customers say

"My feedback is very positive, Rachel is charming and has brought interesting content for us! The pity is that 30 minutes to talk about diversity is really too little, so we get a taste of wanting more!"

Maia Teixeira


"The way Rachel approaches diversity and inclusion helps give a sense of reality to those listening. It takes people out of their comfort zone to start acting, whether they are compact, believe or really ashamed".

Marta Pinheiro

XP Investimento - Head ESG

"It's charming how Rachel manages to inspire and, at the same time, present the truths of this very urgent topic. Bringing facts and based on theories, she conducts the lecture, which seems a relaxed conversation, but very rich in content. We received many feedback from our collaborators supporting the initiative and thirsting for more events with it. The world has a lot to evolve in this scenario, and Rachel helps us to better understand how we can enhance our part. Let's go together!"

Renata Del Bove

Head People CIA - Hering

"Conquering spaces, respectability and being able to take your truth, culture and ancestry emanate from Rachel's speech and persona!

WCD - C101

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