Rachel Maia's new moment

After more than 28 years working in the luxury market, Rachel is in a new moment of her career and life. From October 2020, she starts to dedicate herself to a more diverse routine, in search of even more achievements - but not far from the corporate world.

She occupies the position of advisor to companies of different segments.

The cause of education in Brazil remains on its radar, both in its Social Project CAPACITA-ME - with the bias of change and growth of people in vulnerable situations - and in the chair of the Advisory Board of the UNICEF Brazil.

In addition, she continues to devote herself to mentoring, integrating groups of women who support women and is a columnist for vehicles such as magazines Forbes, Raça and Claudia, in addition to the content page of XP Investimento.

Rachel also released her book on March 8, 2021 (read more). And continues in the luxury market and in retail, but now providing consulting on RM Consulting.

About RM Consulting

Our Pillars

Success is to impact and inspire growth in people's lives.


RM Consulting wants to give unlimited opportunities to talent in an inclusive and innovative way. In addition to influencing and impacting people and companies around the world to expose and demonstrate their potential! We focus on the experience between people and technology for a perfect execution, making the environment prosperous and happy wherever it is.


RM Consulting believes in a simple purpose, which is to empower people to believe and Strong> Dream>/strong>, thus forming your team of Strong>Interdependent Consultants for your victory and generating opportunities through the individual potential that each carries within your being. All our actions are based on our values.


We from RM Consulting believe that EDUCATION is the driving force for evolution and innovation. "Do to others what you would like them to do to you". Our values include making others feel important, encouraging others to be partnership, having a collaborative spirit, helping others to plan and practice resilience. Success is to impact and inspire growth in people's lives.

Our Story

Whatever you decide to be, be it fully. When I am a mother, I am full, and when I am the president, it is also like that.

- Rachel Maia

After living in Canada and spending a period in Brazil working at Novartis, Rachel decided to spend another period abroad and chose New York as her new home. With a focus on her continuous development, the executive joined specific management and leadership programs. During her leisure time, she loved to stroll through the Metropolitan Museum and enjoy the works of Pablo Picasso, one of her favorite artists.

In a common day, leafing through the pages of the New Work Times, I knew that Paloma Picasso, the artist's daughter, would be in Brazil to inaugurate Tiffany's first store in Sao Paulo - Paloma is designer of the brand since 1980. It was then that O.Maia had one of the greatest insights of his life: "I need to be there!" Rachel reorganized her life, packed her bags and flew back to Brazil in time to be at the inauguration - on the outside and over the shoulder of the security guards. Two months later, she was hired as Tiffany's financial director.

Despite her passion for Picasso's work, besides her admiration for Paloma's talent, at that moment Rachel Maia's goal was not to enter the world of jewelry. The executive believed that she would not spend more then two years in the company collaborating for the consolidation of the brand in Brazil and, in the sequence, she would return to the pharmaceutical industry, in which she already accumulated a good experience. But sometimes, according to Rachel Maia, the destiny shows career opportunities that should be seized with strength. "Even without waiting for this, I was promoted to CFO Brazil, answering for the financial area, Human Resources and Operations. My two years became almost eight at Tiffany, a period of great learning. Luxury retail had definitely entered my veins".

In 2010, starting from scratch, she was invited to build the concept and the Pandora brand in Brazil, a jewelry brand known globally, assuming the position of president of the company in the country, where for almost ten years, she represented 0.4% of executives in the Brazilian corporate scenario. This means that Rachel was unique, the first black woman in Brazil to occupy a president position in a large multinational in the country.

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